What does it say about me, that I have over 300 photos of Jeri and over 500 photos of Mulgrew, and All the Voyager publicity shots that I could get my hands on?…oh, and I constantly have new tabs up to add to that collection. ….then if you add in my fanfic library with hundreds of stories and…. 0.o Oi. Never mind. I’m going to walk off in THIS direction =|

……I think obsessed is putting it a bit mildly XD

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    I Haven’t reblogged this since it was one of my first 10 posts on tumblr ever =D
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    Oh, it’s true! It’s Kate. I never noticed it before. Hehe, the new things one learn thanks to fans. ;) Yes, please, Kat....
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    Totally appropriate reaction *grins sheepishly* and yeah, great uniform!